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Book Overview (Bible Institute) part1, part2
Romans 7, Commentary by A.W. Pink pdf

1 Corinthians

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2 Corinthians

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This series is an exposition of the Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians. By “exposition” we mean “expository preaching.” In this study we work through the Book of Ephesians, verse by verse, from beginning to end in its proper, biblical context.

Ephesians 1-3: Remember What You Have in Christ
Introduction: The Exposition of Ephesians notes, audio
Chapter 1: Remember Your New Beginning
Eph 1.1-2: Paul's Implied Exhortation notes, audio
Eph 1.3-6: Our Blessing & the Father's Glory notes, audio
Eph 1.7: Our Blessing & the Son's Glory (pt1) notes, audio
Eph 1.7: Our Blessing & the Son's Glory (Q&A) audio
Eph 1.8-12: Our Blessing & the Son's Glory (pt2) notes, audio
Eph 1.13-14: Our Blessing & the Spirit's Glory notes, audio
Eph 1.15-23: Two Prayers & Two Problems notes, audio
Eph 1.15-18a: Our New Begnning Is Just The Beginning notes, audio
Eph 1.18b-23a: Our New Beginning Should Be Just The Beginning notes, audio
Chapter 2: Remember the Big Change
Eph 2.1: Dead in Sins notes, audio
Eph 2.2-3: Condemned to Wrath notes, audio
Eph 2.4-7: Divine Intervention notes, audio
Eph 2.8-9: God's Gracious Gift of Salvation notes, audio
Eph 2.10: God's Purpose in Our New Life notes, audio
Eph 2.11-12 The “Good Ol' Days” of Despair notes, audio
Eph 2.13 Near To God In Peace notes, audio
Eph 2.14-18 How The Separation Ends notes, audio
Eph 2.19-22 - Results Of The Great Change notes, audio
Chapter 3: Remember Your New Apostle
Eph 3 - Introduction and Dispensations audio
Eph 3.1-5 - This Cause audio
Eph 3.6-7 - The Definition of the Mystery notes, audio
Eph 3.8-9 - Paul's Ministry notes, audio
Eph 3.10-13 - God's Purpose In The Church notes, audio
Eph 3.14-16 - Paul's Prayer For Our Strength notes, audio
Eph 3.17-21 - Paul's Prayer For Christ's Dwelling notes, audio
Ephesians 4-6: Do the “First Works” in Christ
Chapter 4: Walk in the New Man
Eph 4.1 - Your New Vocation notes, audio
Eph 4.2-6 - Walking Worthy Of Our Vocation notes, audio
Eph 4.7-10 - Our Unity Includes Diviersity notes, audio
Eph 4.11 - Biblical Leadership Focuses Diverse Membership notes, audio
Eph 4.11 - Biblical Leadership Focuses Diverse Membership (Part 2) notes, audio
Eph 4.12 - Men, Ministry, Mission notes, audio
Eph 4.13-16 - Goals of the Christian Life notes, audio
Eph 4.17-19 - A Prohibition: Walk Not! notes, audio
Eph 4.20-21 - Walk Differently: Learn Christ! notes, audio
Eph 4.22-24 - Change Your Walk! audio
Eph 4.25-29 - Four Specific Changes audio
Eph 4.30-32: The Goal: Walk Like Christ audio
Chapter 5: Walk as a Son of Light
Eph 5.1-2: Be Light - Follow God & Christ notes, audio
Eph 5.3-6: Separate from Darkness notes, audio
Eph 5.7-14: Separate to Light notes, audio
Eph 5.15-16: Walk Circumspectly notes, audio
Eph 5.17-20: Live Wisely, Be Spiritual! (Pt1) notes, audio
Eph 5.17-20: Live Wisely, Be Spiritual! (Pt2) notes, audio
Eph 5.21: Mutual Submission notes, audio
Eph 5.22-23: Marriage & Submission notes, audio
Eph 5.24: Wives Picture the Church notes, audio
Eph 5.25-33: Husbands Picture Christ notes, audio
Chapter 6: Walk in the Fight
Eph 6.1-3: Spiritual Warfare & Children notes, audio
Eph 6.4: The Spiritual Warfare of Parents notes, audio
Eph 6.5: The Spiritual Warfare of Servants (Pt 1) audio
Eph 6.6-8: The Spiritual Warfare of Servants (Pt 2) notes, audio
Eph 6.9: The Spiritual Warfare of Masters audio
Eph 6.10-11a: Two Commands for the Soldier audio
Eph 6.11b-13: Be Strong & Do It! notes, audio
Eph 6.14a: Gird Your Loins With Truth notes, audio
Eph 6.14b: Breastplate of Righteousness audio
Eph 6.15: Prepare Your Feet notes, audio
Eph 6.16-17: The Shield Of Faith notes, audio
Eph 6.17: The Helmet Of Salvation notes, audio
Eph 6.17: The Sword of the Spirit (pt1) - combo, p1 & pt2 notes, audio
Eph 6.17: The Sword of the Spirit (pt2) notes, audio
Eph 6.18-20: Prayer notes, audio
Eph 6.21-22: Tychicus: A Model Soldier notes, audio
Eph 6.23-24: Provisions For The Fight notes, audio



1 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians

1 Timothy

2 Timothy

Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands” (2 Timothy 1.6).

The following is from the article Stir Up the Ministry! by David Cloud.

Timothy had a ministry gift from God. The gift had to be stirred up. It means “literally, blowing up the coals into a flame” (Matthew Henry). Spiritual gifts must be must be kept “fired up.” Spiritual gifts can grow cold through disuse. The believer is responsible to stir up his gift by using it (Luke 19.11ff; 1Pet 4.10-11). This is an image of continual revival through zealous pursuit of one’s calling. The verb is present tense, indicating continuous action. The stirring up of one’s spiritual gifts is not something that can be done once, or even once in a while. It must be done continually. If a spiritual gift is not being stirred up, it is growing cold.

Everything in the Christian life and family and church has to be stirred up. We have to stir up abiding in Christ, yielding to the Holy Spirit, walking in the light, holiness, Bible study, prayer, separation from the world, evangelism, godly family relations, child discipline, the holy priesthood, the “one another” ministry in the body, everything. We stir it up by preaching and teaching on it, by repeating it, by emphasizing it, by modeling it, by whispering it and by shouting it. It has well been said, “Nothing can be maintained without a campaign.”

In 1911, Lewis Sperry Chafer wrote True Evangelism, and one of his concerns was that churches should not think of revival as something that happens in a special meeting.

The use of the word [“revival”] usually means, however, a getting up after having fallen down, or a waking after sleeping, or a coming to strength after a period of weakness; while, on the other hand, the Scriptures pre-suppose a continual erect, wakeful and aggressive position for service on the part of every Christian (Ephesians 6:10-17). A “revival” is abnormal rather than normal. It may have a function when needed, but in no way should become a habit, much less a sanctioned method of work. Having regained vitality, believers are not warranted in returning habitually to an anemic state. (Chafer, True Evangelism, 1911).



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