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Books Used to Study Theocratic Covenantal Dispensationalism

Harless, Hal. How Firm a Foundation: The Dispensations in the Light of the Divine Covenants. Peter Lang Publishing, New York, 2004.

Larkin, Clarence. The Greatest Book on "Dispensational Truth" in the World. Published by the Rev. Clarence Larkin Estate, 1920.

Nevin, Paul David. Some Major Problems in Dispensational Interpretation. ThD dissertation, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1965. Table of Contents.

Pentecost, J. Dwight. Thy Kingdom Come: Tracing God's Kingdom Program and Covenant Promises Throughout History. Kregel Publications, 1995.

Ruckman, Peter S. How to Teach Dispensational Truth. Bible Believers Press, 1992.

Ryrie, Charles C. Dispensationalism. Moody Publishers, 2007

Stauffer, Douglas D. One Book Rightly Divided. McCowen Mills Publishers, 2000.

  • Note: do not get the new edition. Stauffer updated his original work and added a whole bunch of Calvinistic junk that is totally unnecessary (not to mention unbiblical).
  • Get the original edition published in 2000. It should be about 250 pages long (the new edition is about 850 pages long; 500 pages of Calvinism… no thanks).
  • Critique of Stauffer's new edition by pastor Kyle Stephens of Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Minnesota: part1 | part2
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