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Like Ecclesiastes tells us, there is nothing new under the sun. There is nothing new today with regard to biblical dispensationalism that has not been in the Bible since it was written or in the writings of Christins since they started systematizing their Bible knowledge.

For a primer on Theocratic Covenantal Dispensationalism:

  1. Ruckman's How to Teach Dispensational Truth is probably the best introduction to this topic you will find.
  2. Larkin's Dispensational Truth is foundational.
  3. David E. Walker's The Bible Believer's Guide to Dispensationalism is an excellent work that ties in all the related concepts of dispensationalism.
  4. Harless' book How Firm a Foundation is an excellent (and unique) work showing the relationship between the covenants and the dispensations.
  5. Ruckman's The Sure Word of Prophecy will get you going the concept of the Kingdom.
  6. Pentecost's Thy Kingdom Come would be a good “last book” in a primer series to see how the concepts tie together (although he muddles together the Kingdoms and fails to divide the Mosaic Covenant of Dt 28 from the Palestinian Covenant of Dt 30).

After that, you're set. Have fun.


Because dispensationalism is the self-evident system of theology in the Bible (i.e., it is the Bible's own way of organizing its content), I initially set aside an entire section of my web site for the development of my studies on the topic.

  • You can find the links in the menu, at the bottom, under the heading “Biblical Dispensationalism.”
  • You can jump to the intro page here.

I am not at this time developing this study. I am not a pastor-teacher and do not have a congregation that the Lord gave me to “feed and lead” with teaching and preaching. Based on James 3.1, I'm more than a bit reluctant to develop teaching on this subject because from what I've seen of men who develop “systems of theology” outside the biblical structure of a local church… they really make a mess of things. So… I think I'm gonna stop before I follow the herd.

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